Åmåls Koummunfastigheter AB

Easy to use in both plastic and metal. We purchased both varieties to try if there was any difference in plastic or metal. Both worked perfectly. A simple and good product that saves time and it becomes a perfect result.

Hantverkmagasinet Golv&Trä i Västerås

We sell this product in our business, a good produkt that lets everyone manage to add their own floor. To add a new floor is a major investment for many when it is important to have good tools.

Äntligen hemma - TV4

Have been on the swedish tv-show “Äntligen hemma” on TV4 when they add floors to a wedding couple. Both Martin Timell and Bjorn have used this metal with good results in their show. They thought it was a good tool also for consumers who want to add floors themselves. It is good that it has come in plastic that will not be as expensive as metal.

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